Return & Refund Policy


All orders can be cancelled until they are shipped. If your order has been paid and you need to change or cancel it, you must contact us within 12 hours. A 10% service and processing fee applies.

Refund Policy

Should you request a refund, the amount refunded will exclude the original cost of shipping incurred by Latex Pillow Shop.

A non-refundable dollar amount is $20 per order (product packing & handling fee).

Your Refund

Your refund will be processed 24-48 hours after receipt of the returned item.

Refunds may be held in credit against your account for future purchases if requested, or directly refunded via the original mode of payment (i.e. your credit card or PayPal account)

You can return your product anytime within 30 days for an exchange or full refund (not including the product handling fee) subject to the following conditions.

  • Items must be shipped back to the Regional Office & Warehouse (see address at bottom of this page)
  • Must not be marked, scratched or damaged.
  • Must be returned in the original packaging in original condition.
  • All returned items will be thoroughly inspected.